This guide is designed to be a reference for users of the high-performance computing (HPC) facility: Cirrus. It provides all the information needed to access the system, transfer data, manage your resources (disk and compute time), submit jobs, compile programs and manage your environment.

Acknowledging Cirrus

You should use the following phrase to acknowledge Cirrus in all research outputs that have used the facility:

This work used the Cirrus UK National Tier-2 HPC Service at EPCC ( funded by the University of Edinburgh and EPSRC (EP/P020267/1)

You should also tag outputs with the keyword Cirrus whenever possible.


Details of the Cirrus hardware are available on the Cirrus website:

Useful terminology

This is a list of terminology used throughout this guide and its meaning.

Cirrus CPU time is measured in CPUh. Each job you run on the service consumes CPUhs from your budget. You can find out more about CPUhs and how to track your usage in the File and Resource Management