Serial and parallel versions of HDF5 are available on Cirrus.

Parallel HDF5 modules on Cirrus
Module name Library version Compiler MPI library
hdf5parallel/1.10.4-intel18-impi18 1.10.4 Intel 18 Intel MPI 18
hdf5parallel/1.10.6-intel18-mpt222 1.10.6 Intel 18 HPE MPT 2.22
hdf5parallel/1.10.6-intel19-mpt222 1.10.6 Intel 19 HPE MPT 2.22
hdf5parallel/1.10.6-gcc6-mpt222 1.10.6 GCC 6.3.0 HPE MPT 2.22

Instructions to install a local version of HDF5 can be found on this repository: https://github.com/hpc-uk/build-instructions/tree/main/utils/HDF5